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Oh, there were women at the gathering. replica Standing alongside the brand ambassadors and VIPs was a bevy of costumed women, in pilot caps and epaulets but curiously missing pants and shod in stilettos that would cause serious interference with the rudder pedals. Baffled, I contacted replica Breitling in two emails and via Twitter but I have not heard back. In this case, there was no shortage of women in aviation who did have something to say.

Patty Wagstaff, an award-winning air show pilot, inductee to the National Aviation Hall of Fame, role model and, as it turns out, the owner of a Breitling watch told me, after thinking about this ad I looked at the Breitling ladies watch that I wear and I found myself thinking that their retro marketing strategy replica somehow took away from the elegance and beauty of my watch.Fake Patek Philippe watches Helena Reidemar, who flies for Delta Air Lines, holds a PhD and is the recipient of the AL Air Safety Award, was also dismayed by the stripper feel to the Breitling promotion.

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Helena Reidemar at an aviation safety conference. Photo courtesy AL It was a missed replica opportunity for them, Reidemar said of the watchmaker.fake watches I think Breitling could have taken the opportunity to promote their brand by having famous, celebrity pilots of both genders, and it would have actually helped to promote the idea of women in aviation.

The photo op, replica which Dutch airline captain Liz Jennings Clark at first thought was a joke or a parody, was a curious publicity decision given that Breitling sponsors acrobatic and Air France pilot Aude Lemordant. Certainly there are enough amazing women pilots out there, Jennings Clark said. mens replica watches This is disappointing on so many levels. Another airline captain, a management pilot for a global carrier and the owner of a ladies Breitling watch said simply that the photo was uninspired and trite.

I was surprised to find that so many of the women aviators I contacted actually own replica Breitling watches making it even more curious that women were excluded from the New York event. replica Patek Philippe watches Breitling sponsored French pilot Aude Lemordant photo courtesy Breitling I wonder why they didn consider including Aude Lemordant as one of their guest celebrities for the event, asked Mireille Goyer, founder of the Institute For Women Of Aviation Worldwide.

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